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Beeswax foundation sheets for bees

340 грн
Wholesale price per 1 kg-320 grn
340 грн
Wholesale price for 1 kg-320grn
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Wholesale price for 1 kg-340grn
340 грн
Wholesale price for 1 kg-320grn


    Wax sheets for foundation bees - buy or do it yourself, what to choose


    You can buy a high-quality and certified Foundation only from large manufacturers who use special, factory equipment in their work.


    During its production, on professional factory equipment, the technological process of decontaminating wax and settling it at high temperatures is mandatory. If such a process is followed, all pathogenic bacteria in the wax die, and the Foundation is of high quality and disinfected.


    How to Choose the Right Foundation


    When choosing, pay attention to the thickness of the sheet. It is believed that the thicker the sheet, the better it stands in the frame, does not warp and does not float at high temperatures.


    And what is very important, if there is no flow in early spring, or it is bad, due to cold weather, then the bees will be able to rebuild the Foundation, taking wax from the leaf itself. In this way, you help the bees enter the new season, and at the same time not overload the wax glands, which keeps them working.


    When choosing Foundation, you need to pay attention to the compliance of the sheet size with accepted standards. The optimal dimensions are when the sheet fits into the frame, and there are no large gaps at the edges, and you don’t need to cut it.


    So when you plan to buy Foundation, always keep these features in mind.


    Foundation Types


    Foundation Dadan is considered one of the most common. It is used in hives such as Lezhak, as well as for Ukrainian frames. The dimensions must correspond to 410*260mm. You can buy Foundation Dadan in almost every beekeeping store or online store.


    Foundation Ruta - used for case hives, its dimensions must correspond to -410 * 207 mm. When buying, make sure that its dimensions do not exceed those indicated, because then you will spend time trimming sheets, this is especially inconvenient when you have a large apiary.


    Foundation on a semi-frame - used in store extensions to collect honey.


    Foundation Drone - has a large cell, thanks to this, the uterus lays drone brood in it. It is also used to obtain drone homogenate and as a natural remedy for the Varroa mite. You can buy a standard size Drone Foundation or order from the manufacturer, the size you need for your hive. Now more and more often they began to use it in store extensions for collecting honey.


    Due to the fact that it has a much larger cell, bees pour more honey into it than when using standard sheets. It is durable and retains its shape well when pumped.


    Foundation Maximum - has the closest to the natural angle of inclination in the cell. Due to this feature, the larvae in it grow larger and healthier, as they are completely covered with royal jelly.


    It is mainly used in early spring when laying eggs and due to the fact that it has thicker sheets than usual, it is good to put it in the hive in the beehive period.


    Factory Foundation Benefits


    Foundation can be made on your own, but you must understand that if you take wax from old frames, there is a high probability of introducing pathogenic bacteria into it. Since at home it is very difficult to withstand the required temperature for complete disinfection of wax.


    It is better to find a good manufacturer and buy a ready-made Foundation that has gone through the disinfection process. In this case, you will not harm your bees. Manufacturers can provide you with all documents confirming the quality of Foundation.


    You can buy Foundation in Europe, both in the online store and in regular beekeeping stores.


    For large beekeeping farms, manufacturers can make special deals and wholesale prices.


    Foundation in bulk is always sold at a better price, so if you have the opportunity to buy Foundation in bulk for the whole season, it is better to use it. Firstly, the price for it will be much lower, it will always be at your fingertips, and you will not have to look for where to buy it during a strong honey harvest. And if you have it for the next season, then nothing will happen to it, it will only become stronger. Given that the price of Foundation is constantly rising, then this can be a good investment.