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What wick to buy for a good gorenje candles


The wick for a candle is a kind of rod, and the correct choice depends on how the candle will burn. In order to make a mistake with his choice, you need to know a few secrets. First – when choosing its diameter, you need to focus on the diameter of your candle, that is, the thicker the candle, the thicker the wick should be, if you explain it in a simple way. Because if you put it too thin in a large-diameter candle, it will burn very badly, and if, on the contrary, you put a large-diameter wick in a thin candle, for example, 3 mm, then the candle will burn very quickly and when gorenje flame will be very large and not beautiful.


When choosing a wick, you also need to pay attention to the quality of the material from which it is made. It should contain only natural fibers, otherwise it will smoke and burn poorly. If you want to start making candles and do not know where to buy a wick, then you can write the phrase in the search bar on the Internet: buy a wick for candles, and you will see the name of the stores that sell it. As a rule, it is sold in meters, and the price is indicated for one meter.


Types of wicks




It is considered one of the best for use in candle making. Due to the intertwined threads, oxygen is retained in it, which contributes very well to the burning of the wick.Gorenje is a very good choice. It is used for candles that are made on machines and those that are poured on molds, it requires additional mounting on top of the mold. The number of intertwined threads affects its thickness.




Such a wick differs from a simple soft one in that it is passed through wax or paraffin, while it becomes hard after solidification. It is used mainly for bulk candles and for wax candles. Its advantage is that due to the fact that it is waxed, it burns better.


Wooden or they are also called veneer


Made of special veneer, they are mainly used for candles, which are poured into ready-made cups or vessels made of glass. They are convenient to use on the street, thanks to such a wick, they do not go out in the wind.


Before you buy a wick, you should decide on the choice of candles, which you plan to make, see what diameter they should be, what color, because you can buy a wick in the color of a candle. They are made by drawing colored wax or paraffin and are convenient to use in the manufacture of candles made of colored wax.