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It is important when a person has a favorite business, even if this is not your main profession, but you are passionate about an occupation that you like. Beekeeping helps a person not only to get a lot of positive emotions and relaxation of the nervous system, but also quite a significant profit. You can provide honey and bee products to your family and sell the surplus.


What you need to start beekeeping


First you need, of course, your desire. If you have a summer cottage or a private house, then you can put hives right on your site. It should be remembered that your bees should not disturb your neighbors, so it is better to place the hives at a distance of several meters from the fence.


The hives are best placed on the sunny side, so that the sun would shine on the hives. The site can be sown with melliferous plants, if not far from your site there are fields that are sown with buckwheat, rapeseed or sunflowers.


Which hive system is better to choose


When choosing hives, you need to decide whether you plan to travel with the hives for a nomadic journey or if you want them to stand permanently on your site. If you want to travel with your apiary, then multihull hives are more suitable for you, they are convenient to transport, they are lighter and they are more versatile than other types of hives.


If you are not going to take out your hives anywhere, then the Lezhak type hive system is suitable for you. These housings are distinguished by thickened walls for comfortable keeping bees outside during the winter. They can be equipped with store extensions for more efficient honey collection.


How to choose the right foundation


Foundation must be certified, produced on factory equipment in compliance with all DSTU standards. If you have hives of the Lezhak system, then you need to buy Dadan foundation, it fits the size of the frame of the corresponding type.


There are some tricks to using foundation. For example, in early spring, it is preferable to put frames into which the Maximum foundation is inserted; you can buy it both in the online store and in ordinary beekeeping stores. Since it comes with a deeper cell, the larvae in it are larger and, accordingly, the bees come out of them healthier. A thick sheet of foundation is the maximum, it helps bees in the period without tipping. They can rebuild the honeycomb by taking the wax straight from the sheet without deforming the sheet.


Ruta foundation is used for multi-body hives, it is better to buy foundation from the end of autumn and put it in a cool dry place for storage until next season.


Drone foundation is used to obtain a drone homogenate, and it is also used in the fight against Varroa mite. At the present time, it is very popular, it has become a drone foundation on a 145 frame (half frame). It is used in store extensions with active honey collection; due to large cells, more honey is placed in it.


You can buy foundation or exchange your wax for foundation by paying a surcharge for the finished product. And also you can change your wax without surcharge for foundation. You can find out all the terms of exchange from the manufacturer, discounts are usually available for wholesale buyers.