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Voschina on frame 145mm (half frame)

Price: 185 UAH 185 UAH

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Wholesale price - 170 UAH.


Waxing on the frame of 145 mm (Half-frame) is used in store extensions for beehives. Such a wax is put when collecting honey, it is installed in the frames for stores, after pumping out honey, the spent honeycombs are melted into wax. The semi-maximum cell. For the production of wax, only natural beeswax is used. During the training of troops, they are decontaminated at a temperature of 120-130 degrees in a special container for 12 hours. Voshchina has been certified and fully meets all the requirements of DSTU 7172: 2010
It is packed in dense cardboard boxes weighing 5 kg. This box allows you to deliver the wax to the customer without damage.

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