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Scents for candles to buy for special candles

In the production of decorative candles, various decor, essential oils and flavors are very often used. When you pick up a ready-made candle, and it not only looks beautiful, but also has a pleasant aroma, it helps to increase purchasing power.


Therefore, naturally, most people who choose candles for a certain holiday or just a romantic evening, prefer candles with aromas. Now it is very popular to use the fragrances of famous perfume brands in the production of candles.


When to use flavorings for candles

Flavorings are also often used in the production of candles of a certain theme, for example, a culinary fragrance is used in candles cakes – vanilla, chocolate, caramel, tiramisu.


In candles on the theme of plants or flowers, a floral palette of aromas is used – cotton, jasmine, rose, lavender, etc.


What you need to know when choosing flavors

In order to choose a fragrance suitable for your candles, you first need to decide which candles you will make and for what reason. In order for the aroma to be more saturated, you need to add more flavor.


You can buy scents for candles in our online store Voshina.com. Some of the best are considered to be produced in Spain and Germany.


In their application, it is very important to follow the instructions correctly, that is, to observe the necessary temperature regime of the candle mixture, no more than 70 degrees and the correct dosage.


Buy a candle fragrance or essential oil, how best to understand this issue. When making candles, it is best to use specially designed candle flavors, it is not difficult to buy them now, but they work much better in candles than oils, since they are suitable for all types of candle mixture. The aromas from them are more stable and go well with the smell of candle material.


Our online store presents fragrances made in Spain, they differ in very rich and pleasant aromas, there are aromas with fruity notes, floral aromas, mouth-watering aromas (caramel, chocolate, tiramisu, etc.).


They are packaged in special bottles of 10 ml with a dispenser for ease of use in work.


You can choose the fragrance you like on our website and place an order through the shopping cart. If you do not know how to choose the right flavor or you have any questions about its use, you can get advice from our manager by calling the phone numbers listed on the website.