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Purchase of wax, propolis, merva


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Buying wax, how to buy good quality wax

Wax is a product that bees produce due to the properties of their wax glands. That is why it is of great value, it is used in the production of medicines, cosmetics, and the food industry.

And also it is mainly used for the production of foundation. It is very important to use quality wax in the production of foundation. It must have a certain hardness coefficient that corresponds to DSTU. The highest coefficient of hardness has a barbed wax, it is collected from the upper lids, with which the bees seal the honeycomb, after they pour nectar into it. This variety is much more expensive than the others, it is considered the purest and most useful. It is bought for the production of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Wax, which is obtained by melting old honeycombs, is considered a little worse in quality, its hardness coefficient depends on the method of melting. If it was obtained by melting the honeycomb using a solar wax melter, then its qualities will be an order of magnitude higher than that obtained by melting in a steam or water wax melter. After overheating, it must be drained and defended, passed through a filter to remove all debris from it.

It is very difficult to buy refined wax, since not every beekeeper filters it and, after hardening, cleans the bottoms on the circles. It is in these bottoms that all the dirt from the wax accumulates. After melting the old honeycomb, a wax material remains, which is called merva. You can buy merva from almost every beekeeper; you can buy it in large quantities at large apiaries.

Why do we need dead and what do they do with it.

The merv contains the remains of wax and the amount of which in it depends on how the wax was obtained.

When the wax was melted in a solar wax melting pot, and then the merv was not pressed with anything, then it can contain quite a large amount of it. Such wax is called merv wax, you can buy it at enterprises that professionally process merv or from beekeepers themselves. Beekeepers crush the merva using special presses or hand-made devices.

Mert wax has a more pronounced honey aroma, but it has a very low hardness coefficient. It is taken mainly for the production of candles or for the production of foundation, but no more than ten percent is added to the main wax mass.

Propolis is also very popular among bee products. It is purchased mainly for the pharmaceutical industry.

What are the requirements for the purchase of propolis.

The first is that it cannot be overheated, since most of the nutrients are lost when processed at high temperatures. Also propolis should not contain a lot of impurities such as wax, wood shavings and other debris.