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Beeswax sheets for making candles. Color - blue

Price: 40 грн

Product information

The minimum sending of 10 sheets can be of different colors!!!


Sheet size: 20*26cm


Ingredients: natural beeswax dyed with organic dyes


Wax sheets are used to make candles by twisting a sheet of wax. On the edge of the sheet you need to put a wick, preferably waxed or wrap the edge of the wick with a piece of wax. The wick needs to be pressed a little with your fingers into the wax sheet and start twisting, while you need to make sure that the edge of the sheet twists smoothly.

In order for the sheet to curl well, it needs to be preheated so that it becomes softer and more elastic. At the same time, it should not be overheated either.

Wax sheets are also used for casting candles in molds. You just need to roll up the sheet, put it in a bowl for melting wax, melt it in a water bath, if desired, you can add a flavor. Then just pour it into your mold and wait until it solidifies completely.