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Wax for bulk candles Colour Azure, 1kg

Price: 170 грн

Product information

Bulk candle wax is one of the most popular materials for candle making. Thanks to the fact that it is already coloured in different colours, you only need to choose the ones you like and pour into your flask, in the middle insert a wire bend cut to the size of your dish and all your candle is ready. It is necessary to choose the diameter of the wick correctly. If you want your candle to burn brighter, you need to take a large diameter bendet. And if you need candles to create a romantic atmosphere, which should burn with a subdued light, to take a wick with a smaller diameter. But it is necessary to take into account the fact that if you take too thin wick, the candle can go out from the fact that the wick can not withstand a large amount of melted wax and as they say "choked".


Ingredients : Palm wax and palm stearin, colouring agent.


Burning time: 100 grams of wax burns for 7-8 hours.