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Set for creativity Love ... is Candles

Price: 470 UAH

Product information

The set for creativity "Love ... isCandles" is the best gift for a creative person, such a set can be safely presented to both a child and an adult for any occasion. The set contains everything you need to create beautiful candles and decorate them. Thanks to the instructions we have developed with a detailed description of making candles from sheets of foundation, even children will be able to make candles on their own. You can easily make your candle with your child simply by showing him pictures on instructions. The set is suitable for children from 5 years of age.


The set includes: 7 sheets of multi-colored foundation, sheet size 20 * 20 cm (lavender-1pc, pink-1pc, baked milk-1pc, fuchsia-1pc, blue-1pc, hot pink-1pc, red-1pc), wick 1.5 mm -1.7 meters, wired wick d 1.5 mm -10cm, Wooden heart-decor, Metal mold-heart for extrusion-1 piece, Tape for decoration-1 meter, Wooden skewer-1 piece, Instruction-1 piece


Ingredients: multi-colored foundation is made of natural beeswax, dyed with organic dyes. The wick is made from natural cotton fiber.

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