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Love M Candle Mold

Price: 610 грн

Product information

Material: Silicone

Prepared candle mass is heated to a temperature of 65 to 80 degrees depending on what you use as candle mass (paraffin wax, stearin, or wax), you can buy ready painted candle mass, carefully poured into the mold for candles, which are already pre-stretched and secured the wick, special wick holders top and bottom sides of the form are connected and fixed by special fasteners or rubber bands for money.

Leave until completely solidified for about 8-10 hours, at room temperature. Carefully open the mold and take out the finished product, which can be decorated with additional decor if desired.

Length=76 mm;
Width=36 mm;
Height= 78 mm;
Candle weight-120 grams