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Form for candles Chakra Muladhara

Price: 455 UAH

Product information

Material: Silicone


Instruction manual:

A pre-prepared candle mass heated to a temperature of 65-80 degrees, depending on what you use as a candle mass (paraffin, stearin or wax), you can buy a ready-made colored candle mass, carefully poured into a candle mold, in which the wick has already been stretched and fixed, with special wick holders lower and upper, the walls of the mold are connected and secured with special fasteners or elastic bands for money.

Leave until completely solidified for about 8-10 hours, at room temperature. Carefully open the mold and take out the finished product, which can be decorated with additional decor if desired.



Width -2.6 x Length-6.1 x Height-6.9 cm

Candle weight - 50g

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